The promise by Florida Governor Rick Scott and his Executive branch to create 700.000 jobs in Florida has been kept and exceeded with now well over one million jobs.
Having Florida reached the position among the First three states in the USA in economic development.

In South Florida, this has created an expected higher demand of Housing for working persons to rent or purchase.

We are there to meet this challenge of progress. We invite you to work with us in this important task.

FloridaWorkforceHousing.Org – FloridaHousingForAllCorp.

To area employers,

This letter is to ask your support on the economic Issue of Affordable Housing which directly impacts our communities Work Force.

Workforce persons are those whose total annual household income does not exceed 140 per cent of the area medium income adjusted for household size or 150 percent of medium income.

A significant number of these persons are Essential Services Personnel employed in occupations and professions where they have acquired skills and experience that can’t be replaced in a short time and/or at low cost training, requiring re- hiring when these persons must move away from the area, county, or state for need of housing.

FloridahousingforallCorporation is a501 C 3 non profit organized in 2004 serving the area of Hollywood in South Florida.

We are committed to make a service by developing to assist In this critical need of South Florida where economic progress has created new jobs in its Tourism, Services, Capital Investments and others, as a result increasing the prices of Residential homes and rentals at the medium income level. Reducing to none the inventory of homes available below medium income level.

One of our efforts is working with the Florida legislature on funding to promote Public Private Partnerships with 200 million dollars to build or re built affordable housing.

Our professional experience in residential real estate of over 25 years in the private sector and six in the public sector, with thousands of licensed real estate professionals to participate in this task are some of the sources which we have to work with and alleviate the high cost of housing in South Florida to maintain the path of economic progress we now have.

Your best Tax deductible contribution will be a join effort for the next two years to reach the solution to affordable housing in South Florida.

Workforce Information

601 E Chaminade Dr. Hollywood,
FL 33021
Tel: 954 966 5529



Keep in our communities the best Workforce that will invite and offer businesses entrepreneurs and public services employers to invest, in order to continue the path of growth and prosperity of our Florida State.


Assist with our expertise and resources to find the ideal home for a Workforce person housing needed at reasonable cost and distance from the workplace. To continue living in our communities.


A permanent home leads to the best family life and provides the incentive to work and enjoy life with a growing family.


A person's home is where maximum satisfaction of life is found. Steady work, Income, Education. Vacations. Savings. The living family center from parents to grand children.