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Work force Financing

Our volunteer experienced Mortgage Brokers will start by taking your mortgage or rental application to qualify you for the purchase or rental application of your need. With some variations you will required to have available 31% of your income to cover the amount of your mortgage or rent.

Other requirements are to be met, such as an acceptable credit record.

And other information that will be considered towards your ability to pay for your residence.

In order to meet your required financing and be approved for your home.

There are many different programs to finance homes it is our purpose to fit your home needs with the best affordable program we can get for you. Including subsidy funds, bonds, or any financial assistance we can get for you that may be available.

It is our objective to find a lower priced home of quality a lower interest mortgage and subsidy money to qualify workforce persons to purchase their ideal home at a convenient distance from the work place in their community.




Any person gainfully employed in a trade, profession, or skilled occupation who is part of those persons that with their time and experience at their job have gained with their dedication a position that usually is not easily replaceable in a short time.

Experienced, in their communities, where they live and work.

Example – Nurses, Teachers, Firemen , Law Enforcement Officers, Public Transportation Operators, and multiple others within a description of service to their communities.


Refers by planners, realtors, developers, and government. To any form of Housing including ownership. of single or multi family homes as well as occupational of rental units.

Workforcehousing is generally understood to mean affordable housing for households with earned income that is insufficient to secure quality housing in reasonable proximity to their work place.

FloridaHousingForAllCorp. has made it its mission to focus its experience, resources, and funding from donations to provide a service to workers who are part of the growth and development of communities assisting in such an important task as Housing.

Your donations are deductible from your income tax by donating to the non profit 501 C 3 Florida Housing For All Corp.
Your contribution will allow your communities to grow, improve, and provide better affordable housing for all.

Workforce Information

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Keep in our communities the best Workforce that will invite and offer businesses entrepreneurs and public services employers to invest, in order to continue the path of growth and prosperity of our Florida State.


Assist with our expertise and resources to find the ideal home for a Workforce person housing needed at reasonable cost and distance from the workplace. To continue living in our communities.


A permanent home leads to the best family life and provides the incentive to work and enjoy life with a growing family.


A person's home is where maximum satisfaction of life is found. Steady work, Income, Education. Vacations. Savings. The living family center from parents to grand children.